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Oct. 21st, 2016 03:04 pm
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Why am I seeing only 40 entries on my flist? I can read the newest 20, then go "previous 20", after that the link to previous is missing.
Is it something with my layer??
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The very best wishes for my favourite author
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After the wedding I changed my name and got a new email address. All was well.
Now I somehow thought: why don't you bring ALL your old emails from 4 or 5 different accounts to your new gmail account?

Several hours of tedious work later, I'm done. Piece of cake, right?
If I knew before I started, just how many emails there are, I'd probably change my mind.

54.126 emails.

*nods* Yes, 54 THOUSAND.

Well, now it's done and I'm glad. Also, I got all nostalgic, seeing the old emails from LJ friends. I really should hang out here more.
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What kinds of cats would your friends be if they were cats?

missyjack is always sleeping right where you want to sit.
justwolf is the climber who's always going up the curtains, the lamps, the kitchen cabinets...
slave_o_spike is the computer cat who always stands in front of the screen and sits on the keyboard.
minniemax is the loudmouth who can't stop meowing all the time.
ely_jan is the troublemaker who's always staying out all night, getting into fights, and leaving dead mice on your bed.
orwell_fic is the super-boingy cat who is constantly dive-bombing the othe cats!
sweptawaybayou = Television cat. Always sleeping on top of or in front of the TV!
jeyhawk is the sleeper, who manages to sleep more than all your other cats!
jaded_jamie is the pouncer who hides under beds and behind curtains in order to attack passing cats and feet!
kleinerberater's toy mice are always scattered around the house.

Try it out
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I wasn't very up to date with my country's politics, but it's - besides a tragedy for the families - a devastating blow for the future of Poland. The passenger's list holds the most important people of the government, I can't imagine how they will deal with it.

I'm pretty much in shock

ETA: so far the list of passengers in English

Lech Kaczynski - Polish president.
Maria Kaczynska - The president's wife
Ryszard Kaczorowski - Poland's last president-in-exile
Aleksander Szczyglo - head of the National Security Office
Pawel Wypych - Secretary of State
Mariusz Handzlik - Secretary of State
Wladyslaw Stasiak- head of presidential cabinet
Krzysztof Putra- deputy parliament speaker
Krystyna Bochenek- deputy senate speaker
Jerzego Szmajdzinski - deputy parliament speaker
Andrzej Kremer - Deputy Foreign Minister
Gen. Franciszek Gagor - head of the army chief of staff
Andrzej Przewoznik - minister in charge of WWII memorials
Slawomir Skrzypek - head of the National Bank of Poland
Janusz Kurtyka - head of the National Remembrance Institute
Przemyslaw Gosiewski - lawmaker
Zbigniew Wassermann - lawmaker
Grzegorz Dolniak - lawmaker
Janusz Kochanowski - civil rights commissioner
Bishop Tadeusz Ploski - army chaplain
Gen. broni Bronislaw Kwiatkowski - Head of the Polish Operating Forces
Gen. broni pil. Andrzej Blasik - Head of the Polish Air Force
Gen. dyw. Tadeusz Buk - Head of the Polish Land Forces
Gen. dyw. Wlodzimierz Potasinski - Head of the Polish Special Forces
Wiceadmiral Andrzej Karweta - Head of the Polish Navy
Gen. bryg. Kazimierz Gilarski - Head of the Garrison Warsaw


Mar. 10th, 2010 10:10 am
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Interesting thing read in [livejournal.com profile] jaded_jamie's LJ:

Could you go there and click 6 words that you think best describe me?

Other news:

- My body drives me INSANE: migraine since last Wednesday, got three shots that barely helped. Maybe today it'll be over.
- My cats are the best, really. Muck is still growing and cuddling and playing... Nowadays I go to bed with 4 cats LOL
- I GOT THE HOUSE!!!! We still have to write it all down, but the owners want me to move in in May, so that's a big YAY!. Pictures of the house
- I'm in panic about the move, how to manage it all. One of the moments I feel exactly how I am: alone. Well, one way or the other I'll get it done *wibble*
- My baby is back from a week holiday and killed me dead with his good looks (again). I hope for a date before the move, miss him too much already

*hugs flist*
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It's a good thing I didn't make any New Years resolutions, like posting every other day or something...

This year outlook for me being more on LJ is even worse than last year. Apart from having tons of work and never-ending stream of cats that need to be taken care of, I've got a new task now, albeit involuntary: house hunting.

Yeah, that's right: after 8 years of singing constant praise about the house I'm living in, I'm moving.


Not that I planned or even wanted it - I just got a call on Sunday that I have to move out, because the owners are coming back to Germany from Kenya and want to move in.


Not like it would be any trouble to find an affordable house in a quiet location while being a single an having 6+ cats. Not at all.
I'm not sure if I should label it as suspicious or a wonder, that I already saw a perfect offer Sunday night. I went to see the house on Monday and it's really, really good. Of course it costs more than the current house, but with some tight rope acts it's doable.
I made my offer and now I'm waiting for the answer. If I get it, I'll be moving shortly after 1st April.

I try not to think about the move yet, because it's likely to make nauseated: a lot of stuff, a lot of furniture, a piano and 7 cats, several of them shy and one absolutely, completely feral.

Good news is, any spelling errors are Muck's fault: his tail is currently lying on my keyboard, successfully blocking my typing while he sits 2 inches from the screen, observes the cursor and occasionally tries to catch it... LOL
After so many cats, he is the first one taking such interest in my desk and laptop as well as TV. He's really sweet: can play all by himself, plays well with others and developed a habit of following me everywhere :-)

I'll try to post some pictures soon, he's growing so fast! For now, it's mostly in length and height, he's as slim as ever, but his legs could make him a Jared P. under cats... LOL. He's all gangly and clumsy, too, like a teenager heh.

I hope y'all are good

*hugs flist*
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stolen from [livejournal.com profile] twasadark

Other news:

Muck is doing GREAT!!!! He's such a sweetie and such a baby still! Constantly playing, running, looking at everything with BIG eyes... LOL
Yet he spent about three hours yesterday lounging on me, sleeping, while I watched TV and wished the soda bottle were near my hand... of course I haven't moved LOL.

Muck sleeping on me (big images!):

Read more... )

We've got new strays, one of them very shy and - of course - I got bitten several times yesterday. LOL.

Even more "of course", the cat in question, a 2 year old female named Lily, ended up in my wintergarden today. I hope she'll come quicker around if she's not locked up in a container... Truth be told, I don't know if she'll get better and we can't really let her free, because her FIP and Corona titer are through the roof and it's possible she is already ill - I noticed her eyes being "unruly", which is one of the symptoms of dry FIP. If she is, we'll have to put her down :-(
I really hope it won't come to that...

She's a exceptional beauty, too:

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Jan. 22nd, 2010 10:40 pm
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Thank you all for your prayers and kind comments!

THE MUCK survived!!!!!

The surgery went very fast without any problems at all. He still has to manage 24 hours after the surgery without his circulation collapsing and because his liver were incarcerated in his ribcage for a long time it has some scars, so there's a slight danger of releasing toxins because of the sudden blood flow and him going into shock and coma, but the surgeon said she hadn't had such case in her career.
Wow, could this sentence be any longer? LOL
As you see, I'm totally on cloud nine today :-))))

If everything is alright, I can take him home tomorrow. He still has a drainage in his ribcage then; it could be probably removed on Monday.
After that, it's 14 days being grounded LOL. No jumping, no playing... my poor baby.
My neighbour will lend me a cage he build for his cat after a surgery - big surface, but not high. So he can move in there freely, but not jump.

I promise to post pictures of him!

bad news

Jan. 20th, 2010 03:42 pm
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Isn't it great that the only news I can finally share after so long time are bad news?

I know it may sound weird, but please, could you pray for us a little bit?

Muck, my newest shelter 6 month old kitten, whom I have at home because he was so shy and afraid (no wonder after being thrown out at a motorway rastplace), is ill.

We thought he has a cardiac defect, so I went with him to a specialist for an ultrasound. The news were devastating - he has a diaphragmatic hernia. Basically all his intern organs are in the ribcage, so we don't even see his heart to see if he has a cardiac defect, too.
It could be because of an accident, but it also could be a birth defect.

We have an appointment for a surgery in a clinic on Friday 8.00 am and I pray they'll be able to help him - the last cat we lost a few weeks ago, Kitty, who had the same problem, didn't survive. She had to be put down during the surgery, because the inner organs were already fused together and couldn't be separated anymore. You can cut and separate the liver, the intestines etc., but not the pancreas.

So Muck's chances for surviving the surgery - which also costs between 800 and 1.000 euros (1.130 - 1.400 $) - are very slim to none, but I'll pay gladly if they manage to save him.

If we don't do anything, he'll die anyway - and it's more a matter of days and not months.

So took free time and am watching him the whole time, whether he still breathes or....
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I'm officially dead.
Screw humanity, but the poor, poor boys...

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three years today, the single worst day of my life

for you, baby

SPN 4.16

Mar. 20th, 2009 04:49 pm
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I'm doing a massive flist cut. Sorry. It's nothing personal, or, to use even a bigger cliché, it's not you, it's me.
Sadly, it's true. My life is full of clichés, apparently.

Nothing good to post anyway and I'll stay rather absent for a while. Hope you'all are good.
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Does Your Cat(s) Own You?

See how many of these statements apply to you and your cat.

* You believe every cat is a lap cat.
* You often claim that it was love at first sight with you and your cat.
* You have your cat talk to your friends on the phone.
* You can't fully enjoy yourself without your cat.
* No matter how large your bed is, it is not large enough for you and your cat(s).
* You spend more on clothes and food for your cat than you do for yourself.
* You have no reservations about kissing your cat on the lips, even when you know where his lips have been.
* You believe it is your duty to talk to, pat, and even feed every cat in the neighbourhood. You know their names.
* You let the neighbour's cat sleep over.
* You believe there is no such thing as a naughty cat.
* Your vet and grooming bills exceed your rent.
* When you need someone to talk to, your cat is your first choice.
* You talk to your cat when you are driving. He answers.


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Your result for The Golden Compass Daemon Test...

Solitary Trickster

You are shy and a little reclusive. Big crowds and new social situations make you feel uncomfortable and nervous. You prefer to stick with your close friends and family. You have a large personal space and you hate to feel crowded or overwhelmed. If you have been dragged out to a party, or have had a stressful day at work, you need to retreat to your own private place for a while afterwards to recharge.

You are very sensitive, and easily hurt. You tend to worry about what other people are thinking about you. Often, the offhand comments that people make hurt your feelings. You tend to hide your feelings from people whom you are not comfortable with, like strangers, acquaintances or coworkers. You may brush things off with a joke or hide your pain behind a toss of the head. You try not to overreact to things, and you avoid conflict, especially with strangers. However, if you are pushed too far, you can defend yourself with a vengeance.

With your loved ones you are quite different. You trust them with your feelings and with them you tend to be more open and sincere. You are loyal and clannish, and while you hide yourself from strangers and acquaintances, you come out of hiding when your close friends and family are around. Or at least, you do for a while, before you need to retreat back into your private place to re-charge.

Your daemon would represent your secretive, shy nature, your dislike of conflict, and your ready ability to defend yourself or your friends, should the need arise. He or she would probably stick close to you when you felt nervous or uncomfortable, and provide you with humorous commentaries to keep you smiling.

Suggested forms:
Coyote, Fox, Raccoon.

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