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I just discovered [livejournal.com profile] spnsecrets


*opens mouth*


*shuts mouth for lack of words*

fandom, you are insane

PS God must love stupid people. He made so many. [/quote]
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what the fuck is up with the spam on LJ lately????

[livejournal.com profile] kathrynne79 is the second "person" that friended me in the last few days, spamming my LJ with links and photos of Paris Hilton
the only entries in the journal are advertising downloading movies and stuff
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Why do I have the feeling women would be much more respected if they wouldn't cry "misogyny" every 5 minutes?

Is it the spring that affects hormones or did aliens cause all the "feminist" wank on LJ lately?

*goes back to be "just" a woman*
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aaaand, just in time for Christmas, we present.....

6A going 'round the bend

i have no words. none.

wait, I DO have some for the brainless wonder spouting such ideas: do some reality check, please.

Or, you know, just STFU.
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for emailing me my comments after a week and totally screwing up my SSL connection

how about you start worrying about working properly instead of the content of our journals?
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does anyone know how it's possible that I'm with my 105 userpics at my limit, but they say:

Here's a description of a few of our most popular paid account features:
More Userpics
Paid members can upload up to 30 userpics, earn Loyalty Userpics and can purchase an additional add-on of up to 100 userpics.

so I should have at least 130, shouldn't I?

did I miss a memo or what??

also, how is it possible to let the entries keep userpics that are deleted and not replace them with the default???


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