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Stummel left the underside of the sideboard, which is very good, and found himself a tiny place in the corner in the laundry room.

Max the II went for the acclimatisation record and went outside with me already on his third day here. After a thorough checking of the garden he slept most of the hot day under the bushes, always coming when I called him. Then came night and suddenly he was gone. I wasn't very worried (it's typical for cats to "go out" in the evening), but I went outside now and then, calling him.

Finally doing another "round" I went around the corner to the winter garden - there he was, lounging on the sofa as usual, his face telling me clearly: "Mommy, are you stupid or just blind? I'm here, where I'm supposed to be!" *rolls eyes*

So he's very sweet and very well-behaved. He follows me pretty often and - of course - sleeps with me, the big softie :-)

Here a few pictures - what do you think, he seems to be quite happy, right? (Well, apart from the one picture where he tells me with his glare, now would be a good time to stop taking pictures LOL).

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This is Stummel (=Stump), 13 years old, really small and terribly, painfully shy. As for now he stays under the sideboard and I guess he'll only come out when he's hungry.
Well, no problem, I've got time :-)


Jul. 3rd, 2008 09:12 pm
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After I sniffed around the house for a little bit (still not allowed to go out, as if I were a baby! Phew!!)

I thought maybe it's time for the first report.

It's not half bad here (not that any environment could be ever good enough for a cat with a little pride, mind you) and the bed is of the decent sized variety.

The other chick here

is still growling, but it won't be long until she learns who has the pants on here, I'm telling you *hehe*


What do I hear?? On Sunday comes another one???
Well, that calls definitely for sulking...

That's all for now.

Sulkingly yours


PS The can opener babbled something about a cut (bzuh?), but I declined - I'm far too pretty for that.

Well, maybe next time...


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