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I've got sinusitis. Feeling like crap and lying on the sofa, bored out of my mind.
Even the new pretty TV can't make up for it entirely.

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should be delivered on Friday.


And some of The Wisdom Of Homer (especially for my friend, [livejournal.com profile] jaded_jamie)

Homer says )
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I just spent 5,5 hours in the ER.


If I were really sick, it'd probably have finished me off.

I'm ok, it's nothing major (or so I hope), and right now I don't have the energy to write it all LOl
Just go home, feed the cats and sleep, please
I can has noa, rite?
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I'm pretty much allergic to news and politics, but what's happening in Iceland and world's reaction to it is more than ridiculous, it's appalling.
Calling a nation who doesn't even have an army terrorists?!?!?! What are they smoking and can someone take it away from them?
I'm so enraged about it I'd probably spit in their faces.

Please go here and sign the petition. We can't make their decisions, but at least we can tell them what we think about it.
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Great, another pill to take *grumbles*

Got bronchitis and will be staying this week at home - my tummy just below the ribs hurts a little and I don't want a repeat performance of this spring's pleurisy.

Other than that, Houdini disappeared again and this time I'm afraid she ran away. I talked to the people where she was caught back then and they'll give me a call if she shows up.

And finally, clickety-click, please?

Adopt one today! Adopt one today! Adopt one today! Adopt one today!
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and one angel... (be sure the volume of your speakers is on "high" *snickers*)

ETA: I seriously hate Scrapbook...
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The fantastic news is, Fiona is feeling much, much better and we have reasons to believe she did a full recovery.
The fever receded and she's much more responsive, going outside again and spending half of her awake time eating.
We still don't know what kind of virus it was, but meanwhile I only care about the fact she's better.

It were the worst 10 days in this year for me and I have a 600 € bill to pay and I'm exhausted, having not have slept properly since she's got ill, but I'm so happy to have her back...

Other good news is, the boy (who finally got his name: Dexter) and the girl (still unnamed) are growing fast and coming upstairs to play almost every night.

And now I have aliens in my living room... LOL )

The boy is getting much better - still a little bit shy, but playing with me, letting me get close and even touching me if I'm staying still, even if there's still no touching from me. I think he might be getting golden eyes and has the most adorable tiny squint :-P

Another amusing news: he's got the biggest crush on Fiona. It might be the most adorable sight I've ever seen, him rolling on his back before her, meowing, looking at her with those big eyes and basically behaving like a lovesick teenager... LOL. She's ignoring him though; I hope she'll play with him as soon as she's not feeling vulnerable because of her illness anymore.

Here's the little guy )

Cat names

Sep. 15th, 2008 04:58 pm
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I read about 5.000 names in the interwebz and wrote some down I liked.

What I need:

Names for the small family:
- mother, Chartreux mix with green eyes, feral (currently named Houdini for all the disappearing she did)
- baby girl, black, just like the mother (remember the heating oven stunt from Saturday? yeah...)
- baby boy, black with a few white chest hairs, almost tame

What I think is important by cat names:
- it must suit the cat (appearance, personality etc.)
- it must be a nice sound, to which cats would respond easily (not too long, not too short, with some special sounds like "i" ("ee" "ea"... you get the drift)
- it must not match any other cat name when spoken

So far I have those kitties: Quinnie, Max II. und Fiona.

Names I saw and liked:

For the boy: Dexter, Widget, Crash, Robin (Hood), Shadow, Moses, Jet (Black), Merlin, Onyx, Amos, Joker, Josh(ua), Oliver, Ferris, Oxford, Forrest, Leroy, Watson

For the mother: Smokey, Shelby, Sugar, Grace, Abigail, Rachel, Velvet, Luna, Scarlett, Nora, Willow, Jazzy

For the small girl: Cassandra (Cassie), Calypso, Precious, Jinx(y), Inka, Midnight, Willow, Trixie

And then there's the whole siblings thing.... Will & Grace, Dot & Dash, Forrest & Jenny, Caesar & Cleopatra, Jack & Jinx, Moon & Shadow, Midnight & Shadow.... not to mention the funny ones: Cookie & Muffin (LOL!), Coke & Pepsi, Fish & Chips (ROFLMAO)

And of course I'm ignoring the fact that they live in Germany.... I see myself explaining the names


I should get a life, maybe?
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Can you tell the difference? )

Now I'm going to hunt for names, because I really have to call them somehow.


Sep. 14th, 2008 02:47 pm
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Remember the sweet, itty-bitty, innocent looking black kitten I got yesterday?

Yeah, so I have now the proof that character traits by cats are all in the genes...

The Picspamming Story of a Wonderful Horror Saturday. )

So, how was your Saturday??
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I might need another name...

why? )

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There's a saying "over thirty, when you wake up and don't have any ache, you're dead".
Judging on the amount of pain, I must be most definitely very alive. Just feel like dying LOL.

The good news is, the move of my friend is done; now it's "only" put the kitchen and other closets together...
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This is Stummel (=Stump), 13 years old, really small and terribly, painfully shy. As for now he stays under the sideboard and I guess he'll only come out when he's hungry.
Well, no problem, I've got time :-)


Jul. 3rd, 2008 09:12 pm
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After I sniffed around the house for a little bit (still not allowed to go out, as if I were a baby! Phew!!)

I thought maybe it's time for the first report.

It's not half bad here (not that any environment could be ever good enough for a cat with a little pride, mind you) and the bed is of the decent sized variety.

The other chick here

is still growling, but it won't be long until she learns who has the pants on here, I'm telling you *hehe*


What do I hear?? On Sunday comes another one???
Well, that calls definitely for sulking...

That's all for now.

Sulkingly yours


PS The can opener babbled something about a cut (bzuh?), but I declined - I'm far too pretty for that.

Well, maybe next time...


Jan. 17th, 2008 01:50 am
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you know what else sucks about being ill?

I brought my car to the dealer today for the repair after the accident and got a car for the 3 days....

...a Ford Galaxy, about 140 PS, in black and with tinted windows in the back half!!!!


It looks like a pimp car and it'd have been SO much fun, to see the faces of all the men on the motorway when I leave them behind me...
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Did I say anything about feeling better? Yep, jinxed.

37,5° and feeling like ran over by a truck. On leave until next Wednesday, which I of course will not hold, because I CAN'T leave work for so long.
Fucking virus. OTOH, my boss got 40° fever, so I guess I got lucky...


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