Jan. 22nd, 2010 10:40 pm
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Thank you all for your prayers and kind comments!

THE MUCK survived!!!!!

The surgery went very fast without any problems at all. He still has to manage 24 hours after the surgery without his circulation collapsing and because his liver were incarcerated in his ribcage for a long time it has some scars, so there's a slight danger of releasing toxins because of the sudden blood flow and him going into shock and coma, but the surgeon said she hadn't had such case in her career.
Wow, could this sentence be any longer? LOL
As you see, I'm totally on cloud nine today :-))))

If everything is alright, I can take him home tomorrow. He still has a drainage in his ribcage then; it could be probably removed on Monday.
After that, it's 14 days being grounded LOL. No jumping, no playing... my poor baby.
My neighbour will lend me a cage he build for his cat after a surgery - big surface, but not high. So he can move in there freely, but not jump.

I promise to post pictures of him!

bad news

Jan. 20th, 2010 03:42 pm
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Isn't it great that the only news I can finally share after so long time are bad news?

I know it may sound weird, but please, could you pray for us a little bit?

Muck, my newest shelter 6 month old kitten, whom I have at home because he was so shy and afraid (no wonder after being thrown out at a motorway rastplace), is ill.

We thought he has a cardiac defect, so I went with him to a specialist for an ultrasound. The news were devastating - he has a diaphragmatic hernia. Basically all his intern organs are in the ribcage, so we don't even see his heart to see if he has a cardiac defect, too.
It could be because of an accident, but it also could be a birth defect.

We have an appointment for a surgery in a clinic on Friday 8.00 am and I pray they'll be able to help him - the last cat we lost a few weeks ago, Kitty, who had the same problem, didn't survive. She had to be put down during the surgery, because the inner organs were already fused together and couldn't be separated anymore. You can cut and separate the liver, the intestines etc., but not the pancreas.

So Muck's chances for surviving the surgery - which also costs between 800 and 1.000 euros (1.130 - 1.400 $) - are very slim to none, but I'll pay gladly if they manage to save him.

If we don't do anything, he'll die anyway - and it's more a matter of days and not months.

So took free time and am watching him the whole time, whether he still breathes or....


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