Jun. 11th, 2007 05:55 pm
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there was one movie left in the meme:

#4 Hospital / Religion / Beach / Library / Death / Bicycle

it was "City of Angels" with Nicholas Cage and Meg Ryan

you all did wonderful, guessing 15 movies!
so here comes the prize:

a catholic priest joke... )

movie meme

Jun. 9th, 2007 09:50 pm
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stolen from [ profile] strickens_girl

• Go to and look up 15 of your favourite films.
• Post three official IMDB "Plot Keywords" for these 15 picks.
• Have your friends guess the movie titles.

(I did 16, because I couldn't decide...)

#1 Title Spoken By Character / Airport / Stepson   "Love Actually", guessed by [ profile] ficbitca_bear
#2 Mobster / Tattoo / Dentist    "The Whole Nine Yards", guessed by [ profile] bunnyohare
#3 Demonic Possession / Poison / Cat / Twist In The End / Devil / Old Language   "Fallen", guessed by [ profile] rileysaplank
#4 Hospital / Religion / Beach / Library / Death / Bicycle "City of Angels", guessed by [ profile] inkingwords (w00t, all guessed!)
#5 Hypodermic Needle / Memory / Pier     "Dark City", guessed by [ profile] woman_of_
#6 Christmas Tree / Undercover / Trailer Home    "Lethal Weapon", guessed by [ profile] ficbitca_bear
#7 Pregnancy Test / Alternative Reality / Destiny   "Sliding Doors", guessed by [ profile] ficbitca_bear
#8 Human Relationship / Title Based On Song / Bipolar Disorder    "Mr. Jones", guessed by [ profile] beer_good_foamy
#9 Mouse / Louisiana / Prison Guard    " The Green Mile", guessed by [ profile] rileysaplank and [ profile] ficbitca_bear
#10 Mental Institution / Biological Weapon / Deja Vu   "12 Monkeys", guessed by [ profile] rileysaplank and [ profile] beer_good_foamy
#11 Murder Mystery / Rainstorm / Motel /Multiple Personality   "Identity", guessed by [ profile] spankspike
#12 Profanity / Revenge / Bishop    "Primal Fear", guessed by[ profile] bunnyohare
#13 Young Boy / Chilled Air / Psychiatrist    "The Sixth Sense", guessed by [ profile] woman_of_
#14 Philanderer / Death / Older Man Younger Woman / Terminal Illness   "Identity", guessed by [ profile] spankspike
#15 Cab Driver / Immigration / Helsinki Finland    "Night on Earth", guessed by [ profile] beer_good_foamy
#16 Apocalypse / Native American / Cult   "Koyaanisqatsi", guessed by [ profile] velvetwhip (bravos, this one was really hard!)

I tried to make it not too hard and I hope you'll enjoy playing!

[ETA]: You are so good!! If someone gets the rest of it, I'll be highly impressed! :-D

[ETA 2]:
I think the rest of them is harder to guess, so I made it a bit easier and added another keyword to the remaining movies :)

[ETA 3]: (You can tell I'm persistent, right? LOL Anyway, there are only two movies left and I'm pretty sure someone saw them. So that's it: 6 keywords, if no one guesses it, end of the game. But you were amazing, I never thought so many of them will be recognised!! Kudos and thank you to all of you that played! :-D


May. 25th, 2007 10:33 pm
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I just came home and there was a big parcel at my house door!! (shows how safe the village is, no one stole it LOL!)

In there was lots and lots of DVDs:

SPN Season 1!
SPN Season 2! (first part)
Boston Legal!
My Cousin Vinny! (I waited a long time for that one)
Dark City!
and another 7 movies as my b-day present from [ profile] jaded_jamie

SQUEEE! *dances around*
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without doubt, "Love Actually"


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