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thanks to the incredibly talented [livejournal.com profile] sweetgirl7808 I have a new banner and new icons!

*iz happy*
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hello dear flist!

sorry to be such a bother...
I heard my layout still didn't work with safari and Mac, so I tried a few things and hope it will work now

could you please do me a huge favour: make a screen shot of what you see and send it to me with additional info about OS, browser and -if you know it- your resolution (or monitor size)

[ETA]: alright, it will be really easier if you only have to look at the pictures of how it is supposed to look like and see if there's any difference

so I took screenshots from my browser, they are here:

top of the page

scrolled down
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where are you all peeps??

halloooooooo!! is anyone there?????

apparently not
mebbe all are in bed like brave kids, should do it too
almost 2 am (again!), I'm still in the office and before the outrageous cry resounds, no, I'm not working LOL

I think I just worked for 6 hours straight on my new layout. eeek!! but at least I got really many things fixed and I think I understand (albeit slowly) how *this one* works

time to go home and snuggle with the cats

night night
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I'm trying to get a new layout; one that will be acceptable for my widerscreen and for the normal screens equally

if you have a minute, can you tell me what you think? (if possible, specifying your resolution?)
that would be great, thanks

[ETA]: thank you all for your help :)
I think it's enough for today *is exhausted*

there's still lots to do, but it'll do for now

*note to self*:

-kill stupid black vertical line on the left from the entries yay!!
-expand the picture top and left
-change font custom text
-change color background
-fix the header height
-change font tags and links
-get the current month on the calendar or make sticky post
-more space between the entries,
-make picture a bit darker
-kill all capitals in link names
-more space between username in comment and comment body
-... instead of date in entries if no subject line

-make username under user icons in entries bigger
-make icons smaller
-less space between the subject line and date
-more space between mood icon, location and music

-make icons smaller
-long date format

- get Andy's and mine icon on the sidebar
-change font sidebar headers


Feb. 6th, 2007 11:25 pm
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I was messing around with a new layout and I finally got my modules placed on the both sidebars exactly how I wanted!!!

*is geeky*

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I've got new buttons in my layout!!

thanks to lovely, wonderful [livejournal.com profile] uniquewonders I can now edit, add to memories, open and even track the entries without having to pretend I want to leave a comment on my own entries (always felt stupid doing that LOL)

a big thankyou for the code, honey!


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