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It's a good thing I didn't make any New Years resolutions, like posting every other day or something...

This year outlook for me being more on LJ is even worse than last year. Apart from having tons of work and never-ending stream of cats that need to be taken care of, I've got a new task now, albeit involuntary: house hunting.

Yeah, that's right: after 8 years of singing constant praise about the house I'm living in, I'm moving.


Not that I planned or even wanted it - I just got a call on Sunday that I have to move out, because the owners are coming back to Germany from Kenya and want to move in.


Not like it would be any trouble to find an affordable house in a quiet location while being a single an having 6+ cats. Not at all.
I'm not sure if I should label it as suspicious or a wonder, that I already saw a perfect offer Sunday night. I went to see the house on Monday and it's really, really good. Of course it costs more than the current house, but with some tight rope acts it's doable.
I made my offer and now I'm waiting for the answer. If I get it, I'll be moving shortly after 1st April.

I try not to think about the move yet, because it's likely to make nauseated: a lot of stuff, a lot of furniture, a piano and 7 cats, several of them shy and one absolutely, completely feral.

Good news is, any spelling errors are Muck's fault: his tail is currently lying on my keyboard, successfully blocking my typing while he sits 2 inches from the screen, observes the cursor and occasionally tries to catch it... LOL
After so many cats, he is the first one taking such interest in my desk and laptop as well as TV. He's really sweet: can play all by himself, plays well with others and developed a habit of following me everywhere :-)

I'll try to post some pictures soon, he's growing so fast! For now, it's mostly in length and height, he's as slim as ever, but his legs could make him a Jared P. under cats... LOL. He's all gangly and clumsy, too, like a teenager heh.

I hope y'all are good

*hugs flist*


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